Project Highlights

Highlights of Current Projects

The Strategic Plan drives our efforts to improve dam safety. Here is a snapshot of progress made within our current project structure.

Training Dam Engineers

With support by the National Dam Safety Program:

  • ASDSO trains dam engineers.
  • ASDSO distributes grants to states for continuing education opportunities.
  • Presents technical seminars across the U.S.
  • Provides a training calendar on the website.

ASDSO is creating a new virtual training program to deliver short, technical topics.

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Educating Owners

Dams are owned by public entities (federal, state and loca) as well as private companies, organizations and individuals. Dam owners are ultimately responsible for safe operation of the dam and are liable for damages if the dam is not operated or maintained safely.

ASDSO offers one-day workshops, tools, guidelines and on-line resources for dam owners. Owners are invited to annual and regional conferences to meet dam safety officials.

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Improving Communication within the Dam Safety Community

Members receive a monthly electronic newsletter from ASDSO. These newsletters are archived and available to members.

The quarterly Journal of Dam Safety highlights technical issues of note and summarized news items for those who do not receive the electronic newsletter. Members receive this journal as part of their membership.

The ASDSO website continues to expand and educate people around the world.

Membership in ASDSO Makes the Dam Safety Community Closer.

ASDSO partners with many organizations to improve dam safety.

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Providing Independent Expert Reviews of Dam Safety Programs and Policies

The objective of the Peer Review Program is to provide professional guidance to dam safety agencies to improve the management of their dam safety programs. The Peer Review Program seeks to raise the level of dam safety program practice by evaluating an agency’s mission, objectives and policies and procedures, and then examining its compliance with those policies and procedures. The Peer Review evaluates the competence of the program relative to the generally accepted standards of practice of dam safety.

More information on Peer Review

Strengthening Laws and Policies

Testified for full funding and reauthorization of the National Dam Safety Program.

Created support for new bills introducing reauthorization of the National Dam Safety Act and the National Dam Rehabilitation and Repair Act.

Supported establishment of a National Levee Safety Program.

Supported New York and Missouri with letters and testimony as lawmakers considered stronger dam safety policies.

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Recruiting the Next Generation

ASDSO awards undergraduate scholarships.

ASDSO solicits student papers for annual and regional conferences. ASDSO sponsored its first Student Paper Competition in 2009.

ASDSO's Speakers Bureau provides presentations to student groups nationwide.

ASDSO's Student Employment Opportunities database lists internships, co-ops and information about other opportunities for students interested in dam safety.

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Providing Resources, Guidelines & Tools

The ASDSO Resource Center is a clearinghouse of resources related to dams and dam safety.

  • Technical resources
  • On-Line, searchable Bibliography of Dam Safety Engineering
  • ASDSO Bookstore
  • Downloadable Documents
  • Brochures & Guidelines
  • Q&A with the ASDSO Inquiry Center
  • Links to Websites of Interest

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Educating the Public and Outreach to the Media

The public is generally unaware of the benefits dams bring to their community and to the US as a whole. They are similarly unaware of the effect a dam failure could have on them, through flooding and the potential for loss of life or property and the loss of the goods or protection supported by the dam.

Example: many houses are built in dam failure flood inundation zones. Zoning boards are unaware of this when they develop zones, developers are unaware of it when they construct within this zone, and home/property owners buy in this zone completely unaware of what the consequences might be should the dam fail.

ASDSO puts a national and local focus on increasing public awareness of dam safety similar to the Flood Insurance Program campaign to increase awareness of the need to purchase flood insurance.

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Speakers' Bureau

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