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Dam Owner Workshops

There is a great need to inform dam owners about their responsibilities as owners, including information about state laws, proper operation and maintenance, issues related to rehabilitation of dams, and emergency action planning. In 2001, the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO), with support from the FEMA National Dam Safety Program, began and effort to educate owners of dams throughout the US. Through a planning committee, ASDSO developed two courses, pilot tested them and trained instructors to teach the courses in various areas of the USA.

Description: The courses available include the following:

  1. Fundamentals of Dam Ownership: An introduction to dam ownership. This is a course emphasizing practical, straightforward information on topics of importance to anyone who owns or operates a dam; and,
  2. Dam Engineering 101: An introduction to how dams work for owners, operators or engineers not familiar with dam safety. This is intended to be an owner-friendly look at dam engineering to help owners/operators recognize problems and emergency situations, improve operations and perform or schedule preventive maintenance.
  3. Operation & Maintenance: This seminar will assist dam owners to:
    • understand the parts that make up a dam and how they work together;
    • recognize typical problem areas that require maintenance;
    • distinguish between maintenance and repair issues;
    • learn operation and maintenance procedures.

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2014 Workshops

Dam owners who are interested in taking advantage of this educational opportunity should contact the dam safety representative in their state and request that a workshop be organized for their area. States may also request the workshop from ASDSO. Please contact ASDSO for more information at 859-550-2788 or or download brochure above.

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