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The Association of State Dam Safety Officials Dam Safety Peer Review Program

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What Is a Peer Review?

  • The objective of the Peer Review Program is to provide professional guidance to dam safety programs to improve management.
  • The Peer Review evaluates the competence of the program relative to the generally accepted standards of practice of dam safety.
  • A team of three or more experts, chosen from the ASDSO Panel of Peer Reviewers, performs the review.
  • A review usually lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  • When the review process is completed, the peer review team presents to the engineer/director (E/D) of the agency a report of their findings.

Qualifications of Reviewers

A peer reviewer is an experienced dam safety professional who is or recently was a senior member of an organization. Reviewers have a minimum of 15 years of experience in engineering related to the design, construction, maintenance, or operation of dams. Reviewers have made significant contributions to the profession through professional societies, registration boards, or other professional activities, and have a keen interest in improving the quality of engineering related to dam safety.

How to Obtain a Review

To get a cost quote or to schedule a peer review, contact Susan Sorrell at ASDSO. 855-228-9732 or

The ASDSO Peer Review Program is open to governmental and private sector dam safety programs, including, but not limited to state regulatory programs, federal dam owner agencies and regulatory programs, and local government dam owners.

Comments from Clients

  • "I recommend every state have a peer review. It is worth the preparation time. The reviews were excellent."
  • "The entire visit was a tremendous help, not only in rethinking how our unit operates, but it gave an excellent opportunity to express our concerns for dam safety to management."
  • "This was like a ‘booster shot’ in the arm of dam safety with added weight coming from ASDSO peer review."
  • "It enabled agency management to make changes and become ‘energized’ to dam safety."
  • "It resulted in a greater commitment from the agency director."
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