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 Kansas Dam Safety Program


Kansas Dept. of Agriculture
Division of Water Resources
109 SW 9th Street,  2nd Floor
Topeka, KS 66612-1283
(800) 915-6163

Kim Hunninghake, P.E. 
Water Structures Program Manager
Tel: 785/296-4625
Fax: 785/296-4835


State Program Statistics

NOTE: Hazard Rating refers to consequences of a dam's failure, not the condition of the dam.

State-regulated dams: 6147
   High hazard potential: 223
   Significant hazard potential: 206
   Low hazard potential: 5718
State dam safety FTE's: 9.18
Total Budget: $357,354

State-regulated dams: 6132
   High hazard potential: 220
   Significant hazard potential: 204
   Low hazard potential: 5708
State dam safety FTE's: 9.18
Total Budget: $368,066   

State-regulated dams: 6518
   High hazard potential: 219
   Significant hazard potential: 216
   Low hazard potential: 6083
State dam safety FTE's: 9.18
Total Budget: $366,321 

State-regulated dams: 6058
    High hazard potential: 202
    Significant hazard potential: 238
    Low hazard potential: 5618
State dam safety FTE's: 10.08
Total Budget: $613,641

State-regulated dams: 6031
     High hazard potential: 194
     Significant hazard potential: 252
     Low hazard potential: 5585
State dam safety FTE's: 10.08
Total Budget: $557,104

State-regulated dams: 5923
     High hazard potential: 183
     Significant hazard potential: 247
     Low hazard potential: 5493
State dam safety FTE's: 7.16

State-regulated dams: 5821
Dams in National Inventory of Dams: 5859
State dam safety FTEs: 5.1 

FTE = full time equivalent personnel  

2013 National Inventory of Dams*

*The NID includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential.

State Dam Loan/Grant Funding Program  

Kansas has a funding program to assist dam owners with repair, abandonment, or removal of dams.

The Kansas State Conservation Commission has a cost share rehabilitation program for watershed dams. This program includes funding for rehabilitation of dams and developing inundation maps for existing low hazard watershed dams. Priority for inundation map funding is given to watershed dams in counties where there is zoning within the mapped breach inundation areas in order to prevent a hazard classification upgrade. Fund amount is for July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009.


Reports & Summaries
Kansas Program Performance Report

May 2013: Kansas ASCE Report Card on Dams



KDA Water Structures YouTube Videos - More than 80 short clips on various aspects of dam safety and water storage in Kansas are posted at this site.





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