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New Hampshire Dam Safety Program


James W. Gallagher, P.E.
Chief Engineer
Department of Environmental Services
Dam Bureau
P.O. Box 95
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH  03302-0095
Tel: 603/271-1961
Fax: 603/271-7894


State Program Statistics

NOTE: Hazard Rating refers to consequences of a dam's failure, not the condition of the dam.

State-regulated dams: 830
   High hazard potential: 136
   Significant hazard potential: 160
   Low hazard potential: 534
State dam safety FTE's: 10.5
Total Budget: $1,154,359

State-regulated dams: 833
   High hazard potential: 137
   Significant hazard potential: 161
   Low hazard potential: 535
State dam safety FTE's: 8.5
Total Budget: $852,000  $

State-regulated dams: 831
   High hazard potential: 135
   Significant hazard potential: 162
   Low hazard potential: 534
State dam safety FTE's: 8.5
Total Budget: $771,485 

State-regulated dams: 3075
    High hazard potential: 122
    Significant hazard potential: 174
    Low hazard potential: 2779
State dam safety FTE's: 11.5
Total Budget: $1,084,423

State-regulated dams: 840
    High hazard potential: 90
    Significant hazard potential: 193
    Low hazard potential: 557
State dam safety FTE's: 8
Total Budget: $717,282

State-regulated dams: 849
    High hazard potential: 89
    Significant hazard potential: 193
    Low hazard potential: 567
State dam safety FTE's: 8

View a 2005 fact sheet for the New Hampshire dam safety program

State-regulated dams: 3,281
Dams in National Inventory of Dams: 613
State dam safety FTEs: 7


FTE = full time equivalent personnel  


2013 National Inventory of Dams*

*The NID includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential. 


State Dam Loan/Grant Funding Program  

New Hampshire has sources available to assist dam owners with repair, abandonment, or removal of dams.

New Hampshire’s Dam Maintenance Revolving Loan Fund was established in 2009 under state statute RSA 482 482:55-a. Some rules still need to be established, but the current balance of the Fund is still very small.  
Regarding funding for dam removals, the State of New Hampshire does not have a specific loan/grant program for dam removals.  However, one of the responsibilities of the River Restoration Coordinator, who is part of New Hampshire’s Dam Safety Program, is to assist dam owners in identifying potential funding sources, including state and federal resource agencies and non-governmental organizations, to offset the costs of dam removal.  Click here to find out more about New Hampshire’s River Restoration Program.

Reports & Summaries

New Hampshire Program Performance Report






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