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North Carolina Dam Safety Program


Steve McEvoy
State Dam Safety Engineer
Dept of Environmental & Natural Resources
Division of Land Resources - Land Quality
1612 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1612
Tel: 919-707-9220

To report problems about a dam in NC:
Normal Business Hours:  (919) 707-9220
After Hours:  1-800-858-0368

2013 National Inventory of Dams*

*The NID includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential. 


State Dam Loan/Grant Funding Program  

North Carolina does not have a funding program to assist dam owners with repair, abandonment, or removal of dams.


State Program Statistics

NOTE: Hazard Rating refers to consequences of a dam's failure, not the condition of the dam. 

State-regulated dams: 3684
   High hazard potential: 1143
   Significant hazard potential: 488
   Low hazard potential: 2053
State dam safety FTE's: 16.62
Total Budget: $1,322,548

State-regulated dams: 4478
   High hazard potential: 1126
   Significant hazard potential: 645
   Low hazard potential: 2707
State dam safety FTE's: 18
Total Budget: $1,205,710   

State-regulated dams: 4639
   High hazard potential: 1129
   Significant hazard potential: 655
   Low hazard potential: 2855
State dam safety FTE's: 18
Total Budget: $1,205,710 

State-regulated dams: 4551
    High hazard potential: 1078
    Significant hazard potential: 649
    Low hazard potential: 2824
State dam safety FTE's: 13.5
Total Budget: $1,294,363

State-regulated dams: 4502
    High hazard potential: 1025
    Significant hazard potential: 650
    Low hazard potential: 2827
State dam safety FTE's: 16
Total Budget: $973,886

State-regulated dams: 4478
    High hazard potential: 1006
    Significant hazard potential: 657
    Low hazard potential: 2815
State dam safety FTE's: 16

State-regulated dams: 4,241
Dams in National Inventory of Dams: 2,939
State dam safety FTEs: 14

Reports & Summaries
North Carolina Program Performance Report
FTE = full time equivalent personnel  



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