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Roger Adams, P.E., Chief
PA Department of Environmental Protection
Division of Dam Safety
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Harrisburg PA, 17105-8554
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State Program Statistics

NOTE: Hazard Rating refers to consequences of a dam's failure, not the condition of the dam.    

State-regulated dams: 3347
   High hazard potential: 776
   Significant hazard potential: 289
   Low hazard potential: 2282
State dam safety FTE's: 27.25
Total Budget: $2,458,263

State-regulated dams: 3325
   High hazard potential: 776
   Significant hazard potential: 287
   Low hazard potential: 2262
State dam safety FTE's: 28
Total Budget: $2,502,295    

State-regulated dams: 3319
   High hazard potential: 777
   Significant hazard potential: 284
   Low hazard potential: 2258
State dam safety FTE's: 28
Total Budget: $2,502,295 

State-regulated dams: 3213
    High hazard potential: 782
    Significant hazard potential: 277
    Low hazard potential: 2154 
State dam safety FTE's: 26.25
Total Budget: $2,308,218

State-regulated dams: 3177
    High hazard potential: 789
    Significant hazard potential: 268
    Low hazard potential dams: 2120
State dam safety FTE's: 24.5
Total Budget: $2,211,046

State-regulated dams: 3139
   High hazard potential: 785
   Significant hazard potential: 257
   Low hazard potential: 2097 
State dam safety FTE's: 24

State-regulated dams: 3,025
Dams in National Inventory of Dams: 1,412
State dam safety FTEs: 22.5

FTE = full time equivalent personnel

3 National Inventory of Dams*

*The NID includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential.

State Dam Loan/Grant Funding Program  

Pennsylvania has a funding program to assist dam owners with repair, abandonment, or removal of dams.

The state has a low interest loan program (Pennvest) for publicly owned water supplies, waste water systems and dams. The state also initiated a Growing Greener II program which can be used for dam repair or removal. There are no specific dedicated amounts for dam related work. In late 2008, Act 63 was passed by the legislature known as the H2O PA Act. This act provided grant monies through an application and ranking program to state and municipally owned unsafe high hazard dams.

Reports & Summaries

Pennsylvania Program Performance Report

How Has Pennsylvania Used National Dam Safety Program Grants to Improve Dam Safety?

2010 ASCE Report Card on Pennsylvania Dams & Levees.  (Full PA report card: Keystone in Crisis)

Pending Legislation:  HB 1068 (March 2009)

View a summary of Pennsylvania's dam safety laws and regulations - from Summary of State Laws and Regulations on Dam Safety (Association of State Dam Safety Officials, July 2000)


















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