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 Virginia Dam Safety Program

For emergencies: 888-408-5564 


Robert T. Bennett, P.E., R.A.
VA Department of Conservation & Recreation
Dam Safety & Floodplain Mgmt
203 Governor Street, Suite 206
Richmond VA, 23219
Phone: 804/786-3914
Fax: 804/371-2630   

Thomas I. Roberts, P.E.
Regional Dam Safety Engineer
Dam Safety & Floodplain Mgmt
8 Radford Street, Ste. 201
Christiansburg, VA 24073-3341
Tel: 540/394-2550
Fax: 540/394-2551

Media Inquiries

Gary Waugh
Public Relations Manager
Virginia DCR
804/371-2072 fax

2013 National Inventory of Dams*

*The NID includes dams more than 25' in height or storing more than 50 acre-ft, or classified as HH or SH potential.


State Dam Loan/Grant Funding Program  

Virginia has a funding program to assist dam owners with repair, abandonment, or removal of dams.

The Virginia Dam Safety Flood Prevention and Protection Assistance Fund allows high and significant hazard dams with emergency spillway deficiencies to apply for a low interest loan not to exceed $300,000. The dam owner must provide 10 percent matching funds. The applicant must have an approved Alteration Permit with plans and specifications approved to qualify for the funds. At this time, funds are too small to offer to Low hazard classification dams. Two dam owners applied in early 2008 and decided to not take the offer, each requesting $300,000.

State Program Statistics 

NOTE: Hazard Rating refers to consequences of a dam's failure, not the condition of the dam.   

State-regulated dams: 1641
    High hazard potential: 285
    Significant hazard potential: 399
    Low hazard potential: 957
State dam safety FTE's: 8

Total Budget: $617,404 

State-regulated dams: 1678
    High hazard potential: 273
    Significant hazard potential: 399
    Low hazard potential: 1018
State dam safety FTE's: 8

Total Budget: $617,404    

State-regulated dams: 1678
    High hazard potential: 223
    Significant hazard potential: 375
    Low hazard potential: 982
State dam safety FTE's: 7

Total Budget: $617,404 

State-regulated dams: 1678
    High hazard potential: 130
    Significant hazard potential: 191
    Low hazard potential: 313
State dam safety FTE's: 7.5
Total Budget: $1,431,580

State-regulated dams: 1604
    High hazard potential: 146
    Significant hazard potential: 304
    Low hazard potential: 1154
State dam safety FTE's: 5
Total Budget: $1,247,124

State-regulated dams: 1421
    High hazard potential: 136
    Significant hazard potential: 278
    Low hazard potential: 1007
State dam safety FTE's: 5

State-regulated dams: 1300+
Dams in National Inventory of Dams: 1603+
State dam safety FTEs: 6

Reports & Summaries

Virginia Program Performance Report

How Has Virginia Used National Dam Safety Program Grants to Improve Dam Safety?

Virginia Infrastructure Report Card Summary - October 2009 (ASCE)
View a summary of Virginia's dam safety laws and regulations - from Summary of State Laws and Regulations on Dam Safety (Association of State Dam Safety Officials, July 2000)

FTE = full time equivalent personnel  



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