Dam Safety 101

What Does ASDSO Do to Improve Dam Safety?

Public Awareness

ASDSO sponsors public awareness workshops designed to educate dam owners, and state and federal lawmakers about the need for strong dam safety programs. ASDSO also works with the media to spread the message about the importance of dam safety to the public.

Technical Training

ASDSO conducts continuing education courses across the country for dam safety engineers and technicians. Regional and national conferences focus on current issues and transfer of knowledge relating to dam safety engineering and public awareness. ASDSO collects and posts information about technical training available from other organizations and agencies. In addition, it sponsors state personnel to attend continuing education seminars and workshops (underwritten by FEMA).

Information Exchange

ASDSO maintains a clearinghouse of information on dam safety. The organization reaches the public through the Internet at www.damsafety.org. ASDSO provides research services and produces educational publications, periodicals and statistical analyses.

Support for State Programs

ASDSO disseminates public and dam owner awareness tools for state dam safety programs. It compiles guidelines for dam safety programs and offers peer review services to help states recognize their weaknesses and improve their programs.


ASDSO offers avenues for communication between dam safety professionals. The organization promotes and organizes regional and state meetings to bring dam owners and regulators together to present a strong message for dam safety to lawmakers and to the public.


ASDSO strengthens the cause by bringing together involved organizations and agencies to work jointly on projects to improve dam safety.

Student Outreach

ASDSO is committed to inspiring the next generation of dam safety practitioners. ASDSO student resources include scholarships, free student admission to conferences, an annual student paper competition, a speakers bureau, an internships clearinghouse, research resources, career mentors, a resume posting service, and more. ASDSO also offers a variety of resources for university faculty, including audiovisual presentations and assistance with capstone course development.

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