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Construction management is the study and practice of the managerial and technological aspects of construction.

Construction managers serve as construction consultants, providing both design and construction advice. They deal with people, money, time, and quality of work, and must possess a combination of engineering, management, technology, business and legal skills to ensure that people keep their promises, all while nobody gets hurt, in order to build something that people need or want.

In practice, the construction management professional:

  • Defines the responsibilities and structure of the organizations involved in the project,
  • Organizes and leads by implementing project controls to document the project,
  • Assigns roles and develops lines of communication, to build the project, and
  • Manages risk by identifying project design & construction elements that could give rise to legal action.

Pre-construction job functions include:

  • Bid Phase Services - Review of Bid Documents, Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed
  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Project Document Review
  • Permit Review
  • Project Execution Plan
  • Management Information System
  • Pre-Construction Job Conference

During construction, construction managers deal with:

  • Project Coordination
  • Construction Oversight (Plans & Specifications)
  • Regular Progress Meetings
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintain Project Records
  • Resolution of Issues - Change Orders, Requests For Information
  • Pay Estimates - Verification of Work Performed
  • Process Shop Drawings / Submittals
  • Substantial & Final Completion

Post construction duties include:

  • Start-Up & Commissioning Assistance
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals
  • Operator Training
  • Occupancy Schedule
  • Record Documentation
  • Warranty
  • Administrative Close-out


Responsibilities of a construction manager include project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration, and safety management.

Construction inspection requires knowledge of subgrade evaluation, soils classification and placement criteria and techniques, concrete mix and placement testing, RCC, various types of pipe installation, E&S, instrumentation, gates and valves, and regulatory requirements of various agencies.

Classroom and Web-Based Training

ASDSO Webinars
  • Pitfalls in Quality Control Processes for Compacted Earth Fill
  • RCC for Water Control Structures
Self-directed Training

For more training, search the ASDSO Training Calendar.

Guidelines and Suggested References

Association of State Dam Safety Officials

U.S. Interagency Committee on Dam Safety

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

U.S. Department of Agriculture. Natural Resources Conservation Service

More References

Search the ASDSO Bibliography. Suggested search terms: construction, quality control, site selection, site preparation, project management, financial aspects, permits, legal aspects.


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