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Seismic considerations for dam safety include estimation of seismic hazards, analysis of expected performance during possible earthquake shaking, and design and construction to provide for safe performance during earthquakes. Potential seismic hazards include ground shaking (often represented by predicted levels of ground acceleration), fault rupture, and seiche waves. Hazards can be evaluated using either deterministic or probabilistic methods.

Earthquake analysis and earthquake-resistant design differs for embankment and concrete dams. For embankment dams evaluations need to be completed to estimate engineering properties (strengths and deformation characteristics) applicable for earthquake loading, with due consideration to possible strength reductions, particularly strength reductions which might occur because of the phenomenon of liquefaction. Potential earthquake-induced instability or excessive deformation must be evaluated. If unacceptable earthquake performance is predicted, some methods that have been used to improve expected performance for embankment dams include in situ soil improvement, removal and replacement of weak soils, embankment buttressing and combinations of these methods.

For concrete dams, analyses need to consider the potential for earthquake loading to cause sliding, overturning, or overstressing. If unacceptable earthquake performance is predicted, some methods that have been used to improve expected performance of concrete dams include anchoring and buttressing.


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  • Earthquake Engineering for Dams
  • Dynamic Seismic Analyses for Dams

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Highly Recommended Resources and References

Some of the most highly recommended resources in this area are listed below. (See also: TADS materials, listed above under "Self-paced Courses.") For additional resources, search the ASDSO Bibliography. Suggested search terms: earthquakes, seismic, geotechnical, liquefaction

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U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

  • Design Standards - Embankment Dams No.13 - Chapter 13 - Seismic Design and Analysis [Draft Update, 2001]. Not yet approved for release; direct inquiries to USBR Library.

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S. Geological Survey


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National Research Council

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