ASDSO Technical Committees

ASDSO Technical Committees

Committee on Outlets
The standing committee serves as an up to date resource for the latest information concerning outlet works and will allow the flow of new information to continue from one generation of engineers to the next.

Committe on Security and Risk Mitigation for Critical Infrastructure Dams
Oversees projects and ongoing initiatives between the Department of Homeland Security, Infrastructure Protection Directorate, Dams Sector and ASDSO, and creates risk reduction initiatives and discuss relevant issues related to risk reduction from intentional or unintentional manmade attacks on dams.

Dam Failure Investigations Committee
The mission of the committee is to assist the States (in partnership with other stakeholders) to improve the current practice of investigating dam failures.

Dam Owner Outreach Advisory Committee
This committee oversees all outreach to dam owners including the development of workshops, tools and guidelines.

Guidance for Dam Safety Reviews of Engineering Designs - ASDSO Task Force
The mission of the Task Force is to develop guidance for State Dam Safety Regulators with respect to their roles and responsibilities in the review of engineering designs for both new dams and upgrades to existing dams.

Levee Safety Committee
It is the mission of the committee to assist members in helping to protect the public from the failure of levees.

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