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Conduits through Embankment Dams: Best Practices (FEMA L-266)

Design of Small Dams (USBR)

Developing Emergency Action Plans Using the NRCS Sample EAP “Fillable Form” Template (2004)
USDA NRCS/ASDSO Sample EAP documents for earthen high hazard dams

DHS, Dams Sector Crisis Management Handbook

Embankment Dam Failure Analysis [FEMA 541] (2005)
Synopsis of findings from a research workshop held June 26-28, 2001 in Oklahoma City

Emergency action planning for state-regulated high-hazard potential dams: findings, recommendations, and strategies (FEMA 608, 8/07)
NDSRB Task Group on Emergency Action Planning and Response report

Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects (FERC)

Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety (FEMA 93)

Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety: Emergency Action Planning for Dam Owners (FEMA 64)

Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety: Hazard Potential Classification System for Dams (FEMA 333)

Federal Guidelines for Dam Safety: Selecting and Accommodating Inflow Design Floods for Dams (FEMA 94)

Federal Guidelines for Earthquake Analyses & Dam Design (FEMA 65)

FEMA's Risk MAP Strategy - Integrating Mapping, Risk Assessment, and Mitigation Planning; Draft Strategy (2008)

Filters for Embankment Dams - Best Practices for Design and Construction

Geotextiles in Embankment Dams, FEMA P-730CD

Glossary of Terms (FEMA 148)

National Engineering Handbook (USDA NRCS)

Plastic Pipe Used in Embankment Dams

Risk Prioritization Tool for Dams

Seepage through Embankment Dams (FEMA 535)

Technical Manual: Conduits through Embankment Dams (FEMA 484)

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