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ASDSO Guidance Document: Model State Dam Rehabilitation Funding Program
Model law for state supervision of a low interest revolving dam rehabilitation loan program. 5 pp.

ASDSO Guidance Document: Owner-responsible Periodic Inspection Guidance
Considerations for implementing an owner-responsible periodic inspection program. 5 pp.

Availability of Dam Insurance: A Report to Congress

Catalog of FEMA Dam Safety Resources

Model State Dam Safety Program (FEMA 316, July 2007)
An outline of the key components of an effective dam safety program. (Large file - may require several minutes to download)

Chapters: (1) Legislation and regulations (2) Permitting/approval of plans/authorization to Impound (3) Inspections and safety evaluations (4) Enforcement (5) Emergency response (6) Program staffing and funding (7) Program staff and dam owner-education training (8) Dam safety program - public relations plan (9) Glossary of terms

Appendices: (i) Model state law (ii) Example permit requirements (iii) Sample inspection checklist (iv) Penalties for violations (v) Sample emergency action plans (vi) Organizational charts (vii) Training courses and technical guides (viii) Sample database fields (ix) Budget preparation (x) Public outreach tool samples (xi) Sample fee structures

Suggested References for State Dam Safety Programs

Summary of State Dam Safety Laws and Regulations (2000)

The Costs of Rehabilitating Our Nation's Dams (Jan. 2009)
A methodology, estimate, and proposed funding mechanisms; report prepared by a task committee of ASDSO.

The National Dam Safety Program: 25 Years of Excellence

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