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Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for Levees: A Guide for Owners and Operators
Basic guidance on how to develop an emergency preparedness plan; also introduces basic security concepts.

Levee Safety Connections, Sept. 2011
Quarterly newsletter with status updates on the recommendations for a proposed National Levee Safety Program, activities of the National Committee on Levee Safety, and information about the state of levees in the nation.

Process for the NFIP Levee System Evaluation (USACE Engineering Circular 1110-2-6067)

Recommendations for a National Levee Safety Program
A report to Congress from the National Committee on Levee Safety - January 15, 2009

So, You Live Behind a Levee!
This booklet was created by ASCE and partnering organizations to help answer questions about levees and their associated risks.

The National Levee Challenge: Levees and the FEMA Flood Map Modernization Initiative
Interagency Levee Policy Review Committee report recommends changes to current FEMA levee policies, as stated in the National Flood Insurance Program regulations and FEMA guidance documents; identifies outreach and public awareness challenges related to remapping levee-affected areas; and proposes cooperative development by FEMA and the USACE of a GIS-based levee inventory.

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