Why is dam and levee security assessment and planning important?

Planning is an essential component of the preparedness cycle. Planning provides a methodical way to think through the entire lifecycle of a potential crisis, facilitates the rapid exchange of information, and may shorten the time required to gain control of an incident. Using a team or group approach to the planning process helps organizations define their perception of the role they will play during an operation.

Tools & Resources

Army Corps of Engineers Anti-Terrorism Planner for Dams
This software tool is based on simplified engineering models, and facilitates quick assessments of blast effects on dams and navigation locks components.

Dams Sector Security Awareness Guide
Introduces owners/operators to dam sector security concerns and protective measures.

Dams Sector Security Awareness Guide for Levees
Assists levee owners in identifying security concerns, coordinating proper response, and establishing effective partnerships with local law enforcement and first responder communities.

Dams Sector Security Awareness Handbook
A how-to handbook on setting up a dam security program for owners/operators. This guidebook is For Official Use Only and can only be accessed by vetted individuals through the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN).

Security Awareness for Levee Owners Brochure
Introduces owners/operators and the public to levee security concerns and protective measures.

DHS Dams Sector Suspicious Activity Reporting Poster and DHS Dams Sector Suspicious Activity Reporting Flyer
These products were jointly developed in collaboration with members from the Dams Sector Information Sharing Workgroup and the Dams Sector Security Education Workgroup to emphasize the importance of recognizing and reporting suspicious activities. These products are intended for wide dissemination across the sector. Please note that the poster version includes space at the bottom of the page to accommodate facility-specific contact information as deemed appropriate.

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